We are expanding!

Dear Clients,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – Murlen Animal Clinic is expanding! This expansion represents a significant milestone for us and will enhance our quality of care and service to our valued clients and patients.

This project involves the addition of new exam rooms to streamline patient care, alongside enhancements to our treatment area, creating a more comfortable and spacious environment for treatments and procedures. With our increased capacity, we’ll be able to provide more appointments, ensuring timely care for everyone.

As we embark on this exciting journey, some construction work will occur over the next month. We’d like to ask for your understanding and patience during this period, as there may be some temporary inconveniences related to noise or limited access to certain areas. Our target date for completion is for late November- early December. However, we will provide another update closer to that timeframe.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the upcoming plan to merge Murlen Animal Clinic and Southwest Plaza Animal Clinic into a joint facility. Our shared commitment to providing exceptional animal care within the same community drives this decision. By combining forces, we can amplify our efforts in serving you and your beloved pets better as we unify our values and expertise. The Southwest Plaza Animal Clinic’s team looks forward to meeting you as this merger culminates in Murlen Animal Clinic’s newly renovated facility, designed to accommodate an even larger group of dedicated professionals, allowing us to extend our care to more patients.

We deeply value your understanding and unwavering support as we navigate this exciting phase of expansion. Your questions and concerns are important to us, and we encourage you to contact our team for any assistance you may require.